Happy (Belated) New Year! How About Something FREE To Get You Rolling In 2012?

Free Gift - My Free WSOHello, again!

Yes, it’s 2012 already! Where did 2011 go? Regardless, I hope it was a great year for you and that this one will be even better. I had a great year myself – made great strides with my online business, went to New Zealand for 2 months for the Rugby World Cup, visited my wife’s family in Mexico over Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Dinner of tamales, chile, rice, HOT (!) peppers….MUY DELICIOSO!!), visited my family and friends back in surprisingly mild England over Christmas and New Year – just a wonderful year all around.

So, how about a belated New Year’s present from me to you? I created a free WSO (Warriors Special Offer) product on the Warrior Forum, and I invite you to go and grab it – it’s free, but don’t let the price fool you! I think you’ll find it contains some very useful and potentially very profitable information.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas at Winonlinetoday.comIn the spirit of the season, I thought you might enjoy getting your hands (OK, well, your computer!) on some free stuff from 2 legends of internet marketing, Liz Tomey and Jeff Dedrick. No catch – just excellent free content over the next 12 days or so.

So, have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year and give yourself some FREE gifts this Christmas!

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Join The Club! 30 Life-Changing Days

If you’re reading this, you’re probably either considering making some money online via internet marketing, or you’re already involved in internet marketing and maybe looking for a way to improve the results you’ve had so far. I was in the same boat myself not too long ago; actually, the former case applied to me, i.e. I was looking around for a way to make some money online. I came across a community called Wealthy Affiliate University, and decided to take the plunge and give it a try, because it seemed to have all the tools and support I thought I’d need to be successful.

I Was In For A Rude Awakening!

Of course, one thing I should make clear is that I had never been involved in internet marketing (or IM, as I learned it’s referred to by the people in the know) and didn’t have the first idea where to start. The first thing I found out is that there was a whole new language involved that I didn’t understand or speak and that left me feeling completely lost and confused. I mean, auto-responder? What the heck is that? How about a squeeze page? And so much more. I mean, I’m a linguist by training with a degree in languages, but this was something different again! A bit like going back to school – exciting but intimidating at the same time.

I needed help – and badly. I scoured around all over the internet, searching for the help I needed. I bought this and that course from some self-proclaimed guru or another and seemed to be going nowhere, except straight to bankruptcy court. Finally, I came across Wealthy Affiliate University, and it looked like it had all the training and support I needed to learn all I needed to know to succeed in IM (!) at a reasonable charge. So, in desperation and having decided this would be the last thing I’d throw money at as far as internet marketing is concerned, I signed up.

Never Looked Back

That turned out to be the best move I could have made. Not only were the training and support provided first class, but the tools they supply are also outstanding, enabling a complete novice like me to create and build my own WordPress blog in next to no time, amongst many other things.

Not long after I joined, they announced a 30 Day Article Marketing Club. From the training I’d done inside Wealthy Affiliate (or WA for short), I learned that article marketing was an excellent, no-cost way to promote a web site or product and generate sales, and, consequently, income. But, I knew nothing about the process and what it took to actually make money through article marketing, so I decided to sign up.

Step-By-Step Instructions

I was really excited to think I was finally going to learn what I needed to do to be successful at this IM stuff! Day 1 came along and the first e-mail arrived from the club leader, and I couldn’t wait to read it and get started. The e-mail contained complete instructions as well as training on how to complete the tasks. This was great – I was off and running!

Over the next 30 days, I and the other members of the club learned the entire article marketing process:

  • how to effectively research new sub-niches, new concepts
  • how to find keywords that are easy to get ranked for
  • how to determine if a keyword will yield high or low traffic
  • how to write articles targeting keywords
  • how to submit articles to different article directories
  • how to optimize articles for maximum click-through rates
  • how to create a blog from scratch (it was a snap using WA’s tool, WordPress Express)
  • how to build both pages and posts on your website
  • how to write website content
  • how to get a Google Adsense account
  • how to social bookmark your site
  • how to use different social bookmarking sites
  • how to obtain back-links from other blogs
  • how to find authoritative sites to link to
  • how the process of article marketing works
  • how to start building a business online

Note that last point – “how to start building a business online”. Wow! Now, to me that sounded pretty impressive – here I was, Day 1, no idea what to do or where to go, and there I am by Day 30 with an online business set up that I’m actually building. Now that’s what I call progress.

I’m not claiming to have made any money by that time, but to me the main objective had been achieved. And that was to learn the process of article marketing, so that I could then go off on my own and apply what I’d learned to any other campaign I might like to create, safe in the knowledge that I was now fully equipped with the tools I needed to succeed online both procedurally and financially.

I and all the other club members had come a long way in a relatively short period of time. It was hard work, but each step followed the previous one both logically and thematically, building up our skills and confidence layer upon layer like building blocks til we had covered all the steps needed to create a fully rounded article marketing campaign.

Mission accomplished! Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate University!

Smartphones Get Smarter As More People Go Mobile

The prevailing thinking is that the future of the internet is mobile, as more and more people turn to their mobile devices for everything from social networking to making online purchases. That’s why the latest news on smartphones and their rapid sales growth is so timely and important.

According to independent research firm Gartner, sales of mobile devices worldwide reached 1.6 billion in 2010, an increase of 31.8 percent over 2009.

Smartphone Sales Show Significant Growth In 2010

Sales of smartphones increased by a whopping 72.1 percent over 2009, accounting for 19 percent of all 2010′s mobile device sales.

Smartphone technology is concentrated in the areas where more disposable income is available and that have the infrastructure in place to support that technology, namely Western Europe and North America. 52.3 percent of worldwide smartphone sales were transacted in these two markets alone in the fourth quarter of 2010.

Research In Motion (RIM) and Apple saw sizable increases in the sales of mobile phones, moving into 4th and 5th place respectively in the rankings of mobile device manufacturers, displacing Motorola and Sony Ericsson, according to Gartner. This was mainly thanks to an increase in smartphone sales.

During the same period, LG and Nokia lost market share due to inadequate smartphone marketing strategies.

Operating Systems Shine

Google’s Android operating system (OS) showed fantastic growth at 888.8 percent in 2010, pushing it into 2nd place in the operating system market. This was spurred on by the adoption of the Android OS in such high-end devices as those supplied by HTC, Motorola and Samsung.

Overall, Google and Apple have turned the mobile phone market on its ear and their success has left former market leaders struggling to maintain a foothold in the market.

Smartphones are expected to continue to take over market share as more users turn to them for more of their everyday online activities and also as their functionality improves, particularly the internet browser capability.

In my opinion, this is a great leap forward, as I personally love having the ability to do virtually everything I want from one device, namely my smartphone. And that’s what I do, up to and including writing this post on my smartphone. And once they finally make the browser on a smartphone as powerful and user-friendly as the one on my laptop, I may never put my smartphone down again.

You can even use your smartphone to develop an online business. Have you ever considered starting your own internet marketing business? If not, why not consider it, and get the training and all the tools you need at Wealthy Affiliate, quite possibly the greatest online resource available?

Or, if you’d like my unbiased opinion, please take a look at my review of Wealthy Affiliate first.

The Art of List Building

If you can master the art of list building, you can make yourself a tidy sum on the internet. In fact, you could basically set yourself up for life with a substantial residual income that requires the minimum of your time and effort.

Sound like the kind of lifestyle you could handle? Me too. But, let’s not kid ourselves. While all this sounds glamorous and a bit like a dream world, it is actually real and attainable and you can find plenty of examples on the web of people like you and me who have done just that.

It Don’t Come Easy

So, while there are plenty of people who’ve succeeded beyond their wildest dreams online, they didn’t become successful by building a massive, responsive list overnight. It took a lot of hard work and effort, and that’s what’s in store for you should you decide to follow this route to success on the internet.

So, if you’re not afraid of hard work and effort, let’s go over list building and the finer art thereof.

Content Is King – Yet Again!

That’s right. Getting people to give you their contact information means you’ve got to first of all provide them with something of value. That’s where your landing page comes in.

But, before we dive any deeper into that, we should define what a landing page is, in case it’s a new concept to you.

What’s In A Landing Page?

A landing page is the place you want your visitors to come to as a result of reading your article, blog post, etc., and where you hopefully get their contact information.

Your visitors will be more inclined to give you their details if you provide them with valuable, informative and persuasive content and with the prospect of reaping further benefits if they give you the information you want.

A tactic that works really well is to ‘bribe’ visitors with some type of incentive, such as a report, ebook, free training, etc., in return for their information.

You’ve Got Their Name – What Happens Next?

Next is making sure you keep your name and product on your subscriber’s radar by sending them a series of emails providing them with news, updates, etc., on what’s going on with your business, special offers for being a subscriber, etc.

This whole list building process can, and usually is, automated using paid services such as Aweber, Getrosponse, etc., known as autoresponders. They are powerful tools that let you set up opt-in boxes, create email campaigns, store contact information, etc. Within your email campaigns, you can schedule emails, newsletters, etc., to be sent out at specified intervals.

But, Wait – How Do I Get People To My Landing Page In The First Place?

Ah, yes, fine question. Well, there are many ways to get people to your landing page, but we won’t go into detail about those here. At this point, I’m going to step aside and point you to an online community called Wealthy Affiliate University that will provide you with all the tools, training and support to build not only a list but an entire community around you and your business.

This is no faceless monolith – it’s made up of people whose collective wisdom and experience is available to you through the training they provide and through the one-on-one guidance and advice they provide in the forums, where even the founders, Kyle and Carson, jump in to help out when needed.

Kick-start your list building efforts and your online career and take advantage of Wealthy Affiliate University to find out for yourself if this isn’t the ultimate training and business development system and the only one you’ll ever need. It’s not really about training, as you’ll find out when you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate, it’s about taking action, so do me and yourself a favor – take action and go and try out Wealthy Affiliate right now. Tell ‘em Ray sent you, and good luck with your future online endeavors.

Search Engine Optimization Is The Key To Ultimate Online Success

So, let’s say you have a web site that’s been around for some time and you’re getting hardly any visitors to it and you’re wondering why. Or, maybe you’ve just created a web site and you’re wondering just how you’re going to go about getting people to visit your site.

The answer is the same in both cases, and that is search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO is a set of tactics, if you will, that, when implemented correctly, can (emphasis on the word “can”, as there are no guarantees) lead to high rankings within the search engines.

So, let’s take a look at what these SEO tactics are, and get you started on the road to success online.

Winning With Search Engine Optimization

The first thing we should point out is that SEO is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. Once you’ve set all your SEO elements and values up, that’s when the hard work begins because, unless you hit the top rankings of the search engines straight out of the gate, you’ll need to constantly test and tweak to get your site moving up in the rankings of the search engines.

Here’s a brief introduction to the most important aspects of SEO:

1. Selecting Keywords

This is really where SEO begins, because, without good keywords (i.e. competitive and searchable), you have no foundation on which to build your success. So, this is quite possibly the most important aspect of SEO – master this, and the online world is at your command.

2. Content

The content of your site tells both human visitors and search engines what your site is all about and needs to be meaningful to both. Good content will differentiate your site from others and is needed to engage your visitors and lead them to take the action you desire. Fresh content keeps not only visitors coming back for more but causes the search engines to crawl your site more regularly and potentially improve its ranking.

3. Inbound Links

Having links pointing to your site from sites that are authoritative in your market boost the value of your site in the eyes if the search engines. Acquiring those quality inbound links is the difficult part, but that starts with quality content on your site, which will encourage other sites to link to yours.

4. Internal links

These are the links that point from one page of your site to another. They should be descriptive, and contain a relevant keyword, so that both humans and robots know what to expect when the page being linked to comes up.

5. Page Title

The title of your page must be relevant to the page’s content since this lets the search engines know what the topic of the page is. Also, your page title is displayed as part of your site’s entry in search engine results and so should be an attention-grabber as this is what people will see as representing your site and will be what makes them decide to click on your page or not.

6. Header tags

Use of the h1, h2 and h3 tags gives emphasis to your main keywords where the search engines are concerned, but shouldn’t be overused as it may affect the meaning of your content for your readers with h1 tags only being used for the page heading.

7. Meta tags

If nothing else, at least pay attention to the description since this is used as part of the search engine listing and can have a direct influence on click-thrus, and, as a result, your ranking.

8. URL Domain

Having a properly formatted domain is a benefit, and should complement the page’s structure.

9. Domain And Age

Your domain name should contain your site’s main topic, and, while not vital, the domain’s age is certainly a factor in search engine ranking calculations.

10. Sitemap

Submitting a sitemap to the search engines gives them a clear picture of your site and its structure and topic, and aids in the crawling and indexing process.

So Far, So Good, But…..

Hopefully, the foregoing will give you a taste of what’s involved in the SEO process. And that’s just a small part of the overall process, as there is much more that can and should be done to ensure a top search engine ranking and eventually success on the web for you and your business.

Call On The SEO Experts

At this point, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by SEO and everything involved in the process. If you are, don’t worry – there’s expert help available in an online community called Wealthy Affiliate University. I was panic-stricken at the prospect of all the work involved in SEO, not to mention the fact I knew absolutely nothing about it. About that time, a friend recommended Wealthy Affiliate to me, so, since they were offering a free trial, I decided to take them up on it, and couldn’t believe what I found in there. There was training in SEO and every facet of it in the form of both written and video instruction; there were amazing tools such as the Keyword Tool to help me find the perfect keywords; and there was the support, where I could even call on the founders, Kyle and Carson for help. And, guess what, not only could I call on them, but they were right there, ready and willing to help.

As I said, this was a free trial, but, once I saw and experienced what was available and at such a low cost (you’d pay thousands just for the tools alone in Wealthy Affiliate), I had no hesitation in saying, “Sign me up!”.

So, why not take advantage of the free trial today and learn all you need to know about SEO. In fact, why not get started today in setting yourself up for online success by trying Wealthy Affiliate - you’ve got nothing to lose except the shot at online success and a future you could only previously have dreamed of.

As a thank you for stopping by and visiting my site, I’d like to offer you a course (valued at $67) for free called Mad Marketing Method that will introduce you to the concepts of internet marketing, so please grab your free copy of Mad Marketing Method now, no strings attached.

Article Marketing Is The Foundation For Success Online

If you’re at all interested in developing an online business and generating an income online via internet marketing, one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is article marketing.

But, I Can’t Write!

If the idea of writing strikes fear and dread into your heart, and you’re thinking right now that you may as well forget all about internet marketing and making money online because you can’t write, then I’m here to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong! Why do I say this, and what makes me qualified to say this? Simple. I thought and felt exactly the same thing, but, as I write this, here’s living proof that I myself was totally off base in thinking that way, because, not only have I gone from dreading the thought of even attempting to write an article, to absolutely loving the whole process of article writing and marketing. In fact, I’ve now written hundreds of articles for various purposes, and article writing is a big part of my everyday activities now.

Why Write Articles Anyway?

The simple fact is that article writing is the heart and soul of internet marketing, so, if you want to succeed online, it’s a skill that’s not only great to have but is actually essential to success on the web. When you submit an article to a directory, you’re given the chance to promote your web site through what’s called a “resource box”, in which you supply a “call to action” that includes a link back to your web site, where you provide more tips, information, etc., along with the opportunity for your visitor to purchase whatever it is you’re offering.

Article directories are powerful sources of traffic, and the only way you can succeed on the internet is to drive as much traffic as possible to your site. And the easiest, most effective way to do that is to write and submit articles to the various article directories, and, since most article directories don’t charge for article submissions, it’s free traffic, the best money can’t buy!

It’s all a numbers game, so the best tip I can give you is to write articles and to submit them as often as possible. At least one article per day, and preferably more, if possible.

So, How Do I Get Started?

If you’re ready to get started, but you’re looking at a blank computer screen, waiting for information to strike, STOP! The more you sit and stare at a blank screen, the harder it will be for you to get started. So, fill up that blank screen with article-generating ideas. And one of the best sources of ideas is the major article directory on the internet, EzineArticles, where you can find articles written on practically every subject under the sun.

Just go to the EzineArticles.com site, and type in the topic of the article you want to write, which should, naturally, be the product or service you’re looking to market on your web site and to which you want to direct your reader, and you’ll find thousands of articles you can use to help generate ideas for your article(s). Please note, though, that you should never directly copy articles already published in directories, because the directories will detect your article is a copy of another and it will be banned, and your account may well be suspended. If you find an article you like, re-write it and submit it and you’ll be fine.

Get Help From The Experts

So, here we’ve just touched on the basics of article marketing just to give you a flavor of what it’s all about. But, if you’re serious about succeeding with your online endeavors, you’ll need help. And the best help you can find on the internet as far as article marketing in particular and internet marketing in general are concerned is a system known as the Wealthy Affiliate University. This is the group of people I turned to to get my start in internet marketing and I found all the tools, training, help and support I needed to not only get started in article marketing but to become pretty proficient at it in a relatively short period of time.

There are a lot of so-called internet marketing gurus out there claiming to be able to turn you into an internet millionaire overnight and charging a small fortune for what more often than not turns out to be the online equivalent of snake oil. Kyle and Carson, the founders of the Wealthy Affiliate University, make no such claims, because they know, as I can attest to, that the only secret to succeeding online, as in any other business, is hard work. And they aren’t just some faceless gurus who sit there and take your money – they’re there to provide personal help and support when needed, and pop up with nuggets of advice and help in the forums all the time.

So, even though there’s no magic formula to overnight success in internet marketing, what Wealthy Affiliate can do is smooth the way to success for you through its tools and training and its community of like-minded people. And I speak from personal experience, because I joined an article marketing club within WA, and couldn’t believe the support and advice I got not only from fellow members of the club, but from Kyle himself, who saw I Was struggling with one aspect of the club and offered me his personal help and advice. I was blown away, and I guarantee you will be too.

The great thing is you can find out just how amazing this system is by taking advantage of a free trial by trying Wealthy Affiliate today. You can try any of the other systems out there and throw good money after bad, but I’ve already done that and I’d like to save you not only the personal pain but also the financial pain of doing so, so save yourself a lot of time and money and see how much you get for such a small investment and check out Wealthy Affiliate now.

As a thank you for stopping by and visiting my site, I’d like to offer you a course valued at $67 for free, called Mad Marketing Method, that will introduce you to the concepts of internet marketing, so please grab your free copy of Mad Marketing Method now, no strings attached.